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Schneider Electric Embraces Digital Transformation in its Invoice Reception Process

Schneider Electric is a global company specializing in energy management, with a presence in over 100 countries. While their primary focus is digital transformation, their Colombian subsidiary faced a significant challenge in 2021.

The company faced a daily challenge of receiving a high volume of invoices from its suppliers. It was identified that 70% of these invoices did not comply with the necessary rules for validation, resulting in a significant workload for employees. This situation led to constant dissatisfaction among suppliers experiencing payment delays, contributing to decentralization, and a lack of traceability in the invoicing process.

Schneider Electric Increases the Automation of the Invoice Reception Process by 90%

Schneider Electric decides to implement two solutions:

  1. Chooses Invoway as the supplier management portal, enabling suppliers to check the status of their invoices.
  2. Utilizes an information reconciliation tool.

To integrate this new system with SAP, Schneider’s ERP system, it relies on a connector developed by Brait. This connector allows Schneider Electric to monitor everything exchanged with the supplier portal in a centralized manner and through a single transaction

Schneider expansion process
Brait conector