Riopaila is a Leader in Implementing New Technologies to Maximize its Resources

RíoPaila Castilla, a prominent sugar company in Colombia and a reference in the entire LATAM region, aims to lead the digital transformation of the sugar industry. To achieve this, it must address three fundamental challenges in the area of Accounts Payable.

Caso de exito: Riopaila Castilla
Una plataforma en la nube para la gestión de proveedores

Invoice Automation

Automatically link all invoice information with the data stored in the ERP.

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Regulatory Compliance

Adhering to the rules and regulations governing electronic invoicing in the country.

Permite la gestión de proveedores en tiempo real

Supplier Relationship

Raise awareness among suppliers regarding regulatory compliance and involve them throughout the entire process.

Now, 50% of Electronic Invoices are Registered Automatically

Facturas Riopaila Castilla
From processing 1 invoice in 2 minutes, Riopaila Castilla now processes 100 invoices in 30 minutes.

With the support of Invoway, Riopaila Castilla has successfully optimized, streamlined, and simplified its operations in the accounts payable area. In the platform, invoices are assigned to a specific responsible party, reducing review times and enabling traceability for each invoice.

The supplier portal enables self-management of operations and processes.

Suppliers can now access various information related to the status of their invoices and ongoing operations.

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