Manage and Automate the Entire Accounts Payable (AP) Process

The Cloud Platform that Allows you to Manage, Automate, and Optimize the Entire Accounts Payable (AP) Process

How does Invoway work?

Recepción y validación automática de facturas

Automated Receiving and Validation

Invoway performs a real-time verification process, preventing the submission of invoices that do not meet all the requirements.

Workflow de aprobación

Approval Workflow

Management of the entire approval or rejection workflow of an invoice based on a decision pyramid established with the client.

Integración con ERP y Contabilización

Integration with ERP and Accounting

Invoway integrates with ERP and document management systems to ensure the flow of information in the accounting process.

Generación de eventos de recepción de facturas

Invoice Reception Events

Invoway automatically generates all events associated with the invoice reception and acceptance process.

Invoway can Receive and Manage Accounts Payable (AP) from Various Types and Through Different Channels

Electronic Documents

Such as invoices, credit notes, and debit notes received in the electronic document reception inbox.

Non-Electronic Documents

Such as non-electronic invoices, foreign invoices, bills of sale, advance payment requests, etc.

1 Automatic Reception and Validation of Invoices

Invoway validates legal requirements and the DIAN’s ‘ApplicationResponse.’ It automates commercial and business validations with its rule engine, allowing the configuration of automatic validation scenarios based on criteria such as:

  • Document type
  • Supplier group
  • Order type
  • Business area

Validation scenarios of the Three-Way Match (3WM) type can be implemented.

Learn more about electronic invoices.

2Approval Workflow

Once the invoice is verified and registered, it is common for it to go through an approval process or workflow, in which one or multiple responsible parties approve its passage to accounting.

  • Invoway has a comprehensive Invoice Approval Workflow Module integrated into the solution.
  • It can be integrated with other approval solutions (e.g., SAP)

3 Integration with ERP and Accounting​

Invoway enables bidirectional integration with your ERP. It comes with native connectors for widely used ERPs such as:

  • S/4 HANA
  • Dynamics 365
  • Business Central
  • among others.

It also features an Integration Toolkit allowing integration with any ERP, based on APIs and/or asynchronous exchange via SFTP.

Automatic Integration of Invoices between Invoway and SAP

Once the invoice is approved, it is automatically uploaded to SAP for accounting.

4 Invoice Reception Event Generation

Invoway automatically generates all events associated with the invoice reception and acceptance process.

  • Receipt acknowledgment
  • Receipt of goods or services
  • Claim
  • Explicit acceptance of the invoice

Automate, Optimize, Reduce Costs, and Improve your Relationship with Suppliers

With Invoway, financial departments are now able to manage accounts payable processes quickly, efficiently, and effectively, optimizing resources and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Invoway reduce costos ocultos

Reduce hidden costs and maximize efficiency in resource management.

Invoway ahorra tiempo

Save time in the closing cycle, automate, and simplify your acquisition processes.

Invoway elimina errores en los pagos a proveedores

Eliminate errors in supplier payments and avoid economic penalties.

Elimina tareas manuales y agiliza la entrega de productos y servicios

Eliminate manual tasks and streamline the delivery of products and services.

Learn More About Invoway's Solution for Suppliers

Invoway also enables, through its Supplier Portal, the management of processes related to documentation, orders, goods, and users.

Learn more about Invoway’s Supplier Portal


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