Invoway has been a partner for Riopaila Castilla, an important sugar company in the region, to face 3 fundamental challenges in the Accounts Payable area: automating invoice, validating the regulations regarding electronic invoicing and sensitizing suppliers on compliance with the regulations.

Riopaila Castilla mentions the benefits of having Invoway in its operation: having a Consultation Portal for suppliers, the transmission of events to the DIAN and time reduction in manual processes; on average it took two to two and a half minutes to register an invoice for materials and with Invoway they register 100 invoices in 30 minutes.


ALD Automotive, a French multinational with direct presence in 43 countries around the world and in 54 countries through its global partner network.

It is the first Renting company in Europe and third in the world, with a fleet of more than 1.5 million vehicles.

In Colombia, it has managed to reduce the Accounts Payable cycle thanks to the automation of the process with Invoway.