The Electronic Invoicing Solution that Optimizes the Issuance and Reception of Invoices

Complies with tax regulations and ensures the continuity of your operations.

Invoway Leads the Management of Electronic Invoicing in Colombia and Latin America

Plataforma de gestión de facturas electrónicas

Electronic Invoicing is mandatory in Colombia

Since 2013, the National Directorate of Taxes and Customs (DIAN) began working on a mass electronic invoicing project, inspired by the models of countries such as Chile, Brazil, and Mexico, with the goal of facilitating interoperability among taxpayers and reducing tax evasion.

Since 2019, electronic invoicing is mandatory for all companies with a presence in the country. In Colombia, the Invoway platform is certified by the DIAN according to decree 2242/2015, offering its electronic invoicing system compatible with DIAN.

Invoway's Electronic Invoicing Solution Manages the Entire Process of Generating and Issuing Invoices

The platform allows step-by-step control and management of electronic invoicing.

It covers the entire process, from generating any invoice format to electronically delivering it to the customer. It also provides means for the customer to access, check, download, approve-reject, etc., the invoices they receive.

Facturas electrónicas DIAN de forma masiva. E-Factura.

Management of high volumes of documents

A solution capable of handling large volumes of documents seamlessly integrated with your management system.

Facturas electrónicas DIAN eliminan el uso de papel

Zero paper within administrative management

Implementation of processes for the preservation and digitization of your physical archive with complete integrity and security.

Gestiona las facturas electrónicas con software de última generación

State-of-the-art proprietary technological environment

Advanced management services to facilitate electronic data interchange, streamlining and simplifying collection times and billing processes.

Complete Invoway Solution

Invoway’s online platform also allows for the management of Accounts Payable and Supplier Management through its Supplier Portal.


Optimize your management of electronic invoices with our comprehensive platform

Simplify and automate your invoice and accounts payable management processes, save costs, and optimize the operational efficiency of your accounting processes. Discover how Invoway can help your company today.

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