Allows your Suppliers to Self-Manage all their Operations in Real-Time


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Connect and collaborate with Invoway’s Supplier Portal.

With Invoway, your suppliers can track the status of their invoices and operations in real-time. Additionally, this supplier platform allows the management of different stages of the order control process, goods, documentation, and users.

Consultar y confirmar pedidos

Check and confirm orders

Consultar el estado de las mercancías

Check the status of goods

Conocer el estado de los documentos

Check the status of documents

Gestionar a los diferentes usuarios

Manage different users

22% of the Accounts Payable staff's time is dedicated to supplier management and assistance

The financial or accounts payable teams dedicate 22% of their time to addressing and resolving issues, doubts, or inquiries from the company’s suppliers.

This situation prevents them from focusing on tasks of higher added value for the company and slows down processes and operations in the accounts payable area.

Atención a proveedores

Invoway allows your suppliers to manage the entire electronic invoicing process

From generating any invoice format to electronically delivering it to the customer, Invoway also provides means for the customer to access, check, download, approve-reject, etc., the invoices they receive.

In Colombia, the Invoway platform is certified by DIAN (National Directorate of Taxes and Customs) according to decree 2242/2015.

Enable your suppliers to self-manage their operations

Discover our Supplier Portal, a proprietary tool from Invoway that aims to enhance commercial relationships with suppliers, enabling them to track and manage their operations in real-time.