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Reduce Costs in Billing and Accounts Payable by up to 90%

Invoway is a procure-to-pay (P2P) suite that streamlines and automates the entire accounts payable process, saving up to 90% of time in the closing cycle. By integrating with ERP systems, Invoway enables seamless workflow management across platforms.

This end-to-end solution, based on artificial intelligence, allows you to reduce manual team intervention, minimize error rates in payments, and decrease the number of incidents.

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Invoway and Computec alliance


Computec Outsourcing SAS is acquired by Invoway Latam, a part of the Spanish conglomerate Delógica and its regional associate, eXium Tech

Invoway Latam and its regional associate, eXium Tech, have acquired all the shares of Computec Outsourcing SAS, a leading company in intelligent communications and digital document solutions, with over 50 years of experience. Specialized in optimizing business processes for companies across various economic sectors.

Automation and Optimization of Accounts Payable for Global Enterprises

Invoway is part of the Delógica Group, a Spanish-based conglomerate with over 25 years of experience in the development of technological projects for companies worldwide.

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A continuously growing global solution.

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Development and evolution of our solution.

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They conduct their transactions through Invoway.

Invoway will Improve all Your Accounts Payable Process Indicators

Invoway is a cloud platform that allows you to manage, automate, and optimize the entire accounts payable process.

Reduces costs associated with the accounts payable process by 90%.

Saves 90% of time in the process and closing cycle.

Ensures your legal and regulatory compliance.

Una plataforma en la nube para la gestión de proveedores

Achieves an 85% automatic approval rate for invoices.


Start automating your accounts payable

Simplify and automate your accounts payable processes, save costs, and optimize the operability and efficiency of your accounting processes. Discover how Invoway can help your company today.

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