Integration with ERP to automatically generate the accounting record

Invoway has developed a toolkit that allows you to integrate the accounts payable flow regardless of your company’s ERP.

It has rules that automatically determine taxes and withholdings.

It allows integration with any ERP.

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Invoway enables integration with SAP to generate the accounting record automatically.

Other ERP

Invoway has a Toolkit that allows you to integrate with any ERP

It includes:

  1. A complete web services API.
  2. Integration through file exchange (drawings, XML) through Invoway’s SFTP server.

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Invoway performs the verifications in real time, preventing the filing of invoices that do not meet all the requirements.

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Management of the entire approval/rejection flow of an invoice based on Decision Pyramids.

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Invoway integrates with ERP and document managers for all information flows.

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The supplier submits its invoices through the Supplier Portal. You can track the entire process.

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