Do you know how much it costs to manage your accounts payable?

Including labor, overhead and technology.

80%-90% cost reduction

It takes 20-30 days on average to process an invoice

Processing an invoice in seconds

99.5% of invoices require some kind of manual intervention.

Manual intervention < 15%.

22% of invoices generate some type of incident. Non-compliance with business rules.

Automatic reprocessing or rejection of invoices with issues

23% of accounts payable staff time dedicated to serving suppliers

Suppliers are self-managed in the Supplier Portal

3.5% of some type of payment error

Complete elimination of payment errors


Automated Receipt and Processing of Invoices and accounts payable

Automated receipt and processing of invoices and accounts payable reduces the cost of these processes by 85%, mitigating risk and improving expense control. In addition, it significantly improves supplier relations and satisfaction.

Invoway performs automated rules-based management regardless of whether it is an electronic invoice (XML) or a document-formatted invoice (PDF).

Save time and money

How does it work?

Invoway performs the verifications in real time, preventing the filing of invoices that do not meet all the requirements.

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Management of the entire approval/rejection flow of an invoice based on Decision Pyramids.

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Invoway integrates with ERP and document managers for all information flows.

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The supplier submits its invoices through the Supplier Portal. You can track the entire process.

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Why choose Invoway

With Invoway, the process of receiving invoices and accounts payable is optimized by 85%. Learn about the benefits and start now the digital transformation in your company.

Monthly savings

Drastically reduce costs by improving process efficiency.

Spend control

Extend and optimize Spend Management by controlling spending from the beginning of the P2P process.

Mitigate risks

Associated with payment errors and possible fraud attempts.

Improve supplier relationships

Avoid dissatisfaction and improve supplier engagement.

Improve your cash management

Reduce hidden costs due to invoice processing delays.

Avoid penalties

Ensure compliance with the country’s e-invoicing legislation.

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