Accounts payable areas are more efficient because invoice approval times have improved by up to 85%

A filed invoice initiates the approval flow in a company and in many cases, more than one responsible party must be involved in the approval process for the invoice to be paid.

Invoway automates the process:

    • Manage the entire invoice approval/rejection flow based on Decision Pyramids.
    • Set up the Decision Pyramid with all the rules that determine the signers of an invoice.
    • In each organizational unit of the pyramid you can set one or several signatories.

Supplier invoice reception and verification process

Once the invoice has been verified and filed, it usually has to go through an approval process or flow, in which one or more people in charge approve the invoice to be passed to accounting.

Invoway has a complete Invoice Approval Workflow Module integrated into the solution.

It can be integrated with other approval solutions (e.g. SAP).

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Invoway performs the verifications in real time, preventing the filing of invoices that do not meet all the requirements.

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Management of the entire approval/rejection flow of an invoice based on Decision Pyramids.

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Invoway integrates with ERP and document managers for all information flows.

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The supplier submits its invoices through the Supplier Portal. You can track the entire process.

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